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RenovoRx Reinvents Itself: The Story of a Bold Rebranding Strategy for a Promising Cancer Treatment

RenovoRx's new and improved social media marketing by 154 Agency



RenovoRx has developed a unique targeted therapy that brings hope to those suffering from this devastating disease. However, as a relatively unknown brand, RenovoRx faced a significant challenge in terms of creating awareness and generating interest in its new treatment. To overcome this obstacle, RenovoRx partnered with 154 Agency, to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would effectively reach and engage with its target audience.

RenovoRx's new redesign website, UX & UI developed by 154 Agency

Designing for Hope

RenovoRx’s web design strategy not only aimed to generate interest in their groundbreaking pancreatic cancer treatment but also conveyed a sense of hope and warmth by transitioning from cold to warm color tones, which symbolized familial touch. This design approach helped RenovoRx to distinguish itself from competitors and attract attention and support for its innovative cancer treatment.




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† Monthly averages for a 6-month period of social media marketing campaigns

From Awareness to Advocacy

RenovoRx's user friend web design, that is screen dynamic and represents the brand at its best
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