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Why a Digital Marketing Partnership Matters for Small Businesses

Updated: Feb 21

In today’s complex marketing environment, it becomes easy to feel lost as a small business in the wake of larger brands. The task of engaging with consumers that rely on a never-ending stream of mobile content can be daunting. In that situation, local businesses need guidance on finding the optimum strategy and media mix to thrive in today’s digital world. One of the best ways to do this is through partnerships with digital marketing experts that specialize in nurturing relationships with customers and meeting a business’s unique needs and goals. The power of this partnership addresses any pain points within smaller companies and empowers them to face their digital marketing strategy with confidence down the line.

A digital marketing agency working with small businesses. 154 Agency is a full service marketing agency offering expertise in digital marketing for small businesses.

The first dilemma faced by small brands is the ability to overcome operational complexity. Operational complexity is the result of internal and external factors that impact a business's ability to manage operations and produce products and services. In other words, the more complex an organization becomes, the harder external and internal stressors are to take on. This is incredibly true in the face of digital marketing developments that include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and various social media platforms. This operational complexity is specifically prevalent in digital marketing when it comes to crafting creative material, measuring the digital impact of the company, and facing challenges.

Making creative content for social media and digital advertisements can be complex and time-consuming. This is true for both large and small businesses trying to engage customers on mobile devices and online. This task is made easier of late with new free platforms like Canva, which is a simple, free, and powerful way to tackle creating collateral for marketing. However, digital marketing partners can go beyond content creation by developing dynamic content informed by data and tailored and localized for each target audience. This ensures that content is not one-note and changes based on its audience's digital environment and behaviors.

The ability to use data to make informed decisions about digital marketing is an example of measuring the digital impact of a company. Performing a digital marketing audit is a way in which a business can examine its profitability and gauge the impact of campaigns. It also gives insights into the audience by providing in-depth data regarding demographics, interests, and common trends in behavior. This can tell a digital marketing agency or auditor what makes an impact within campaigns, and learn from that information to generate more success in future campaigns.

A small business working on digital marketing. 154 Agency is a full service marketing agency offering expertise in digital marketing for small businesses.

When running a business, it is easy to struggle with creating an action plan when faced with digital marketing challenges. Continually trying to meet and exceed the expectations of customers is the prime goal of any business, big or small. However, making sure that the level of service is met in the dynamic and complex world of digital media can be difficult. No matter which challenges your business faces, a digital partner delivers expert advice in the realm of challenges and helps businesses grow in an ever-changing digital market space. A space that will continue to change, calling for more personalized creative content that makes a lasting impact on customers.

According to a Statista article, ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is projected to reach US$261.10bn in 2022 growing around 19.8% year-over-year. The more this market has grown, the more agencies have come around to meet demand and the needs of businesses. This makes now the optimal time to choose a digital marketing partner for a small business. With the guidance of a professional, small businesses can transcend the stress of content creation, take on technology, and prepare to face digital marketing strategy head-on.


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