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Virtual Reality and Its Impact on the Future of Marketing

Updated: Feb 21

154 Agency uses the Meta Oculus
Meta Oculus Quest 2

It's the stuff of science fiction – people put on helmets and are transported to other worlds, interacting with digital environments that look and feel completely real. But virtual reality is no longer a figment of our imaginations; it's a rapidly growing technology that is already beginning to change the way we interact with the world around us.

Oculus, one of the leading companies in the virtual reality industry, having been acquired by Meta (Facebook) is just one example of the growing interest in VR technology; Google has also invested heavily in this area, and other big names such as Samsung are beginning to get involved. So what does this all mean for marketing?

There are a number of ways that virtual reality could be used by marketers. One obvious application is product demonstrations; instead of simply watching a video or looking at pictures of a product, consumers would be able to try it out for themselves in a realistic simulated environment. This could be particularly effective for expensive items like cars or houses, where potential buyers would want to get a feel for what it would be like to use the product before making a purchase.

The Oculus is just the beginning. The next step is the metaverse: a virtual world that's even more immersive and realistic than anything we've seen before. Here at 154 Agency are at the forefront of this new technology, using the Oculus to create and explore worlds, and work as a creative agency in their Horizon Workrooms environment.

Imagine being able to attend a concert or sporting event without leaving your living room. Or what about being able to explore a new city or tourist destination without having to buy a plane ticket? Virtual reality could make all of this possible, and it would provide marketers with an extremely powerful tool for engaging with consumers.

It's still early days for virtual reality, and it remains to be seen exactly how it will impact the field of marketing. But one thing is certain: VR is no longer just a gimmick; it's a technology that is here to stay, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us.


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