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The SEC Releases New Guidance on Crypto Asset Disclosures for Companies.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released new guidance requiring companies that issue securities to disclose their exposure and risk to the cryptocurrency market after crypto firms BlockFi and FTX filed for bankruptcy. The direction comes after SEC Chair Gary Gensler defended the agency from claims that it failed to prevent crypto firms from misusing customer funds. This offers important lessons for businesses to take into consideration when preparing their financial reports.

Man using computer to disclose their exposure and risk to the cryptocurrency market. 154 Agency is a full service marketing agency offering expertise in SEC marketing guidelines.

Under the new guidance, companies will have to include their crypto asset holdings and their risk exposure to market developments in their public filings. According to the new rules, companies are advised to include any risks or material exposures related to crypto assets in their financial reports. This includes any direct or indirect holdings of crypto assets and any relationships with firms that deal in digital currencies. The guidance also asks companies to describe how company bankruptcies have impacted or may impact their business, financial condition, customers, and counterparties. This will help investors to understand the potential risks and benefits of investing in the company.

The release of these new guidelines indicates that the SEC is taking a more active role in regulating the use of digital currencies and blockchain technology by companies. It provides a clear picture for companies looking to disclose their involvement in the crypto space and helps to protect investors by ensuring that they have access to accurate and complete information. This is overall a positive development for the crypto industry, as it shows that the SEC is taking steps to foster greater transparency and accountability in the space. This is important because it can help to build trust in the industry and encourage more people to invest in crypto assets. The new guidance from the SEC is also an important reminder for businesses to be transparent about their involvement in the cryptocurrency market. By disclosing this information in their financial reports, businesses can help to build trust with investors and protect themselves from potential regulatory action.


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154 Agency is a full service marketing agency offering expertise in SEC marketing guidelines.

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