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Striving For Success with Upstryve

Over the last ten years, the field of education has undergone a significant transformation with the emergence of online learning platforms and resources. One such company leading this innovative movement is Upstryve, a highly regarded provider of online courses, books, and tutoring services catering to individuals pursuing careers in the contracting industry. As the industry became increasingly competitive, Upstryve recognized the need to revamp its digital marketing and design strategy to attract a broader audience. To achieve this, Upstryve partnered with 154 Agency, a full-service agency with a proven track record in digital marketing, process, and design. Leveraging its vast experience in brand positioning, 154 Agency was well-equipped to help Upstryve realize its ambitious objectives.

Upstryve contractor. 154 Agency is a full-service agency with a proven track record in digital marketing, process, and design.

To differentiate itself in the highly competitive online education industry, Upstryve needed a compelling brand identity. While the company had established a cohesive visual scheme that served it well, introducing a new streaming platform required a more dynamic and innovative approach that reflected its unique value proposition. 154 Agency was enlisted to provide the necessary expertise to develop a fresh new look and updated messaging that effectively communicated Upstryve's offerings to the contracting industry. This included the development of a new logo and color scheme and the creation of marketing materials that could engage audiences across different digital platforms.

154 Agency's comprehensive digital marketing strategy helped Upstryve increase its online visibility, generate leads, and drive conversions. As part of this plan, 154 Agency provided Upstryve with integrated marketing services, including search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing. Through implementing these services, 154 Agency helped Upstryve make more informed decisions about its marketing strategy and ensured that its efforts aligned with its business objectives. Furthermore, 154 Agency's expertise in design played a crucial role in Upstryve's success. The agency's design team created visually appealing and user-friendly content that improved the user experience and increased conversion rates.

In addition to effective digital marketing, 154 Agency helped Upstryve increase visibility through successful public relations strategies. They secured media coverage on major platforms such as the Stock Day Media podcast and iHeartRadio's Scott Sloan Show, positioning Upstryve as a leading online education platform in the skilled trades industry. Furthermore, they coordinated an ongoing press release and coverage strategy for the launch of Upstryve Connect, which helped Upstryve reach more potential customers and establish itself as a go-to resource for career advancement. 154 Agency also facilitated a partnership with NEST Integrated Facilities Management, expanding Upstryve's services and providing NEST employees with valuable educational resources.

Upstryve's website is a crucial component of its business, serving as the primary platform for engaging with and reaching customers. To ensure optimal performance, 154 Agency developed a responsive design for the website, making it accessible from any device. This allows students to access learning materials whenever and wherever they need them, making it an ideal fit for today's mobile world. Additionally, 154 Agency prioritized security and data privacy for the website, ensuring that all user information is safe and that there is no unauthorized access to the website or user data. This move highlights Upstryve's dedication to customer privacy and security, which is critical for any business that collects personal information from its users.

154 Agency significantly transformed Upstryve's digital presence and helped it achieve its goals. Through their expertise in digital marketing, strategy, and design, they were able to help Upstryve successfully expand its services and reach a larger audience. Their effective public relations strategies and well-designed, responsive website secured Upstryve's position as a leading online education platform. Furthermore, their ability to foster partnerships beyond digital marketing and design demonstrates the agency's comprehensive support for the growth and success of any business.


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