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FTC Guidelines for Email Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

Understanding Email marketing regulations can be daunting, this blog will help you navigate and execute the best email campaigns.

The main regulation for email marketing is the CAN-SPAM Act. This law sets the rules for commercial emails and establishes requirements for email marketing. Each separate email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $46,000 in penalties, so non-compliance can be costly.

Here are 5 rules to follow so you can make sure your email marketing is in compliance with FTC guidelines and ensure you don’t end up in that dreaded SPAM folder:

Rule 1:

Subject Lines and Header information. Your emails' “From,” “To,” and “Reply-To” fields must be accurate and identifiable and The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.

Rule 2

Identify the message as an ad. The key is ensuring your email’s advertising intent is clear and not deceptive.

Rule 3

Physical address. Your email must include a valid physical postal address.

Rule 4

Email opt-out option. Your email must include the option to stop all future messages.

And finally, Rule 5

Honor opt-out requests. You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days.

Following these rules will make sure your emails are in compliance with the main requirements of this law. For more information visit


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