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A biotech company currently exploring new treatments in the medical world. 154 brought light to the clinical aspects of the brand messaging and aesthetics. Whether an investor or a trial candidate, the digital presence now conveys a message of hope and excitement as they enter a new phase of their trial.


Bizfluence’s brand identity is clean, savvy, and clever. As a new space in the world of professional networking, it was important to design visuals that felt professional and energetic. In contrast to conventional business platforms, Bizfluence is a modern and inclusive enterprise.


Upstryve entered 2022 with the great task of service expansion. Though its visual schemes stayed consistent, 154 served as a vehicle for them to reach the final developed stages of their new streaming platform set to launch this summer.


154 implemented subtle shifts to the Made Coffee brand, and pushed color palettes and geo-location-related graphics to reflect this delicious brand's westward expansion into Austin, TX.


A pet health and wellness company dedicated to providing the highest quality products to help dogs and cats live healthier, happier, and longer lives. 154 took this message and developed a complete and more refined brand aesthetic that is conducive to cohesiveness across all social media platforms, along with their current corporate website, and reiterates the company's main goal -- To become the most innovative pet food company in the world.


PsyBio Therapeutics required a digital overhaul in addition to a storytelling upgrade. 154 implemented the addition of 3D graphic elements to bring scientific concepts to life, along with a new color palette, and new copy that both retail investors and the scientific community could relate to. This symbiosis between great design, and easily digestible medical/scientific concepts allowed for a harmonious experience cross-platform for this specific brand's target audiences. 




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