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1Exam Prep is a leading provider of study materials and online courses for individuals seeking professional certifications in various fields. The brand's primary objective was to expand its reach and attract a larger audience of potential customers through digital channels.

1Exam Prep rebranded website, designed, developed and optimized by 154 Agency

From Zero to Hero:

The 1Exam Prep and 154 Agency Success Story

The Perfect Match

By partnering with us, 1Exam Prep was able to harness the power of a comprehensive strategy that included search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing. With this newfound mojo, 1Exam Prep skyrocketed to new heights, attracting more customers and raking in more sales than ever before.

1Exam Prep Shopify statistics. E-commerce brand optmized and boosted by 154 Agency
1Exam Prep course books. Cover by 154 Agency





Annual Sales*

Traffic Thanks to SEO & UX*

Sales via Digital Ads*

Holiday Sales*

* Annual Sales percentage reflects a direct comparison between 2021 vs 2022 fiscal years

* Holiday Sales percentage reflects a direct comparison between December 2021 vs December 2022

* Sales via Digital Ads percentage reflects a direct comparison of digital ad sales between the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years

* Website traffic percentage reflects the increase in traffic over a period of six months for the year 2023

Social Media Ads

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